Early Intervention System Grants

About Early Intervention System Grants

During the 2023 Legislative Session SB124 established a requirement that all law enforcement agencies within the state of Utah utilize an “Early Intervention System,” meaning an electronic data-based police management tool designed to track behaviors of a law enforcement officer based on performance factors.

SB124 also created an Early Interventions System Grant program, administered by the Department of Public Safety,  to award grants to law enforcement agencies initially to establish an early intervention system. The Utah State Legislature also appropriated $3,000,000.00 in one-time funding for this grant.

Consistent with the requirements of 53-14-203 Utah Administrative Rule R714-562 has been effected to establish: grant criteria and eligibility, forms, and processes for submitting grant proposals, the formula to determine grant awards, and reporting requirements for grant recipients.

You can read R714-562 here.

You can read UCA 53-14-203 here.

This grant opportunity is open until state funds are expended.

Online Application Form

In an effort to make application for this grant funding as simple as possible, an online form has been created, which can be accessed through the link provided below.
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Who is reviewing the Grants: The Early Intervention Grant Committee will meet at the end of each quarter to review and approve grant applications and will continue until there is no longer grant funding available or no additional applications have been received.
Please send questions, comments, or requests for additional information to:    earlyintervention@utah.gov

Early Intervention System Grants

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