Communications Bureau

Our mission is to provide effective communications support for public safety agencies; provide useful communications services for the public; and effectively manage the state’s public safety communications resources.

Our dispatch centers provide communication services for the following: state & federal law enforcement; police and fire; other emergency services; highway maintenance; corrections; forestry and wild fire services; wildlife resources; and
parks and recreation.

Map of Utah shows where DPS dispatch centers are with their logos positioned over the areas which they serve.

We're Hiring Dispatchers!

  • Would you like to have a job that makes a difference?
  • Would you like to help the public and first responders?
  • Would you like a rewarding career with great benefits instead of just a job?
  • Would you like to be able to retire in 25 years?
  • If so, being a Certified Emergency Dispatcher with the Utah Department of Public Safety could be just the career for you.
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  • One for One salary credit may be given for prior Emergency Dispatch experience
  • $2,500 hiring bonus for those with current Emergency Dispatch certification (Utah POST Dispatch certification)*
  • $1,000 signing bonus to a new hired Dispatcher with no experience or with out of state certification*

*After successfully completing full background investigation, polygraph and drug test

An emergency dispatcher sits at a computer console with multiple monitors.

What Do Dispatchers Do?

Dispatchers are the critical link between callers and first responders.

  • The purpose of this job is to provide dispatching services to single and/or multiple jurisdictions which include, but is not limited to state and local public safety agencies, the Highway Patrol, local law enforcement agencies, fire departments and other state agencies.
  • Dispatchers receive calls for one or a combination of emergency police, fire, and medical services, and dispatch the appropriate personnel and equipment in response to the calls.
  • Dispatchers often make urgent decisions affecting the life, health, and welfare of the public and public safety employees.
  • Dispatchers are required to obtain Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) certification, and also Dispatcher Certification through POST within the probationary period and maintain both certifications thereafter.

Dispatcher sits in front of several monitors typing